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  1. One month and one day has passed since we started Velocity Gaming, and this is how far we're come. We've set up: 4 fully working servers running Windows Server 2016 (Currently 3 in use, 1 running the retake servers, 1 running the surf tier 1-3 and 1 running 1v1 arena) 2 normal retake servers & one pistol only Surf Tier 1-3 (still in the finishing state, bug checking, map testing etc..) 1v1 Arena (Currently setting server up) Sourcebans - Server info & ban logs GameMe - ranking system Forums Discord server Appl
  2. Name? LanexQQ ingame, Arild IRL Age? 22 Birthday? 26.10.98 Timezone? GMT +1 Gender? Male Which server(s) do you prefer? Velocity Gaming..? How long have you been playing? CS? Maybe 8 years How often are you online and for how long? Well, as much as I can Best thing that ever happened to you? Becoming friends with my homies Words/Phrases you say frequently? Aa, hmph, spennande! Your greatest fear? Losing all my freinds / family Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? Nothing really Favorite member(s) who plays on this serv
  3. Good news everyone! After a few weeks of working we now finally have our retake servers up and running! You're able to connect to them via this link: Sourcebans or search on community browser for VelocityGaming. Retakes we have put online: Velocity Gaming Retake server Retake #1 Retake #2 Velocity Gaming Retake Pistol Only Retake #3 We are still working on setting up the Surf servers, we will update you as soon as we have more news regarding that. Also! Our Discord is up and running as well, follow this link to join: Discord
  4. Since most of the introduction posts are just "Hello my name is!" I thought this would be good to give some variety of questions! Keep in mind that you are not required to answer any of these questions, they're just for fun. Any questions can be added upon request, please do not share any NSFW stuff. Name? Age? Birthday? Time-zone? Gender? Which server(s) do you prefer? How long have you been playing? How often are you online and for how long? Best thing that ever happened to you? Words/Phrases you say frequently? Your greatest fear
  5. Hi everyone! Some of you are probably coming from HaugesundCS community and might be wondering what is going on here, long story short, we're starting up our servers again. We have changed our name to Velocity Gaming, the reason why is that we wanted to have a more international name. We will also start up the HaugesundCS Surf Server Tier 1-3 again for our OG community, we're still not sure if it will be both tier 1-3 and 4-6, but if it's highly requested we will of course start up the tier 4-6 as well. We're still in progress on setting the website up, as well as the servers. As of now we
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