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Velocity Gaming is a non-profit community. We run this along with our administrators and players because of our great interest in online gaming and servers.
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    There are currently 0/50 players on 1 of our servers!

    1. VelocityGaming.no Surf Tier 1-3 - 0/50
  • Welcome to Velocity Gaming!

    We are pleased to finally say we are back! After a long time in the dark, we are ready to come out in the light again.

    Velocity Gaming was started by Prins Geryha and LanexQQ the 26th of September 2020. We were also the owners of HaugesundCS, some of you might have played there back in 2015-2018 when it was active. So, for the community that is coming back from HaugesundCS, here is a quick rundown;

    Long story short, we are starting up our servers again. We have changed our name to Velocity Gaming, the reason why is that we wanted to have a more international name. We will also start up the HaugesundCS Surf Server Tier 1-3 again for our OG community, we are still not sure if we will be putting up both tier 1-3 and 4-6 or just tier 1-3, but if it is highly requested we will of course start up the tier 4-6 as well.

    Velocity Gaming will mainly focus on hosting servers for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, with game modes such as Surf with tier ranging from 1-6, Surf Deathmatch, Retake and KZ. We will also be doing polls frequently on what you as a community want to see next from Velocity Gaming, e.g. new servers or even servers on other games. These are the servers we will be hosting as of now:

    • Velocity Gaming Surf Tier 1-3
    • Velocity Gaming Surf Tier 4-6
    • Velocity Gaming Surf Deathmatch
    • Velocity Gaming 1v1 Arena
    • Velocity Gaming Retake servers
    • Velocity Gaming Retake Pistol Only

    We are still in progress on setting the website up, as well as the servers. As of now we do not have a ETA of when the servers will be up and running for full, but we will continue to update you here as well on our Facebook page and Steam Group:

    Facebook Page

    Steam Group

    Discord server will be coming very soon.

    Kind regards,
    Velocity Gaming

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